Memories in Messes Pulaski, NY Photography

I am a clean freak.

I have to have my spaces and places tidy, organized, and spotless. It’s not achievable these days, but man do I strive for it.

So why on earth do I love handing glitter, fake snow, confetti, paint and baked goods to tiny little mess makers and watching them go crazy?

Because I know what it is like to be a parent.

I know what it is like to feel like you are running around cleaning up, doing dishes, chasing the kids, and not being able to stop for a second without guilt to watch your children be children.

I know what it’s like to think “man I’d love to watch my kiddo laugh and play and make a giant mess, care free…but I am too tired to clean it up after.”

I’m there every day, deep in the mom guilt trenches.

It’s basically tug of war with the heart.

So, I do it because I want you to walk into my studio, and for twenty minutes let you sit and watch your children make a mess, laugh, smile, play, learn, all while being content with knowing that you don’t have to pick up the broom or mop after. ( Although you try…bless your heart…and I tell you to put it down and walk away! haha!)

mason blog.jpg

I want you to look back and appreciate those painted little toes, covered in flour, and remember the tiny little details that are BIG time important.

Because when you are all in these moments together, having fun, you will look back and notice those smiles, the big laughs, the eye contact…it’s all focused right at you, Mom and Dad! …they are sharing their happiness with YOU.

cameron and mason.jpg

and with each other…..
And whether you are ready for it or not, they want you right there with them. Turning the beautiful chaos into beautiful memories.


and you’ll sit down next to them in the middle of it all, and enjoy it!

These sweet little ones will be all grown up before you know it. These big messes that surround you now…they get smaller…so I hear. But right now, I get it. The messes are HUGE. the days are long, the years are short….


all all too soon the adorable matching outfits won’t be so easily persuaded….

Waters Valentine Mini.jpg

So let me handle the mess.

Let them play in it.

Let me clean it.


Your only job is to sit back and enjoy the memories in these messes.