"Tonka Tough" Family!

Life can sure be a lot of things.

It can be wonderful
It can be exciting
It can be painful
It can break your heart
It can heal you
It can make you stronger than you ever thought possible

Despite what life brings you, and when it delivers it, one thing is for sure…

Sharing it with people you love makes it all a whole lot easier.

The Lewis family has been faced with a tough battle, and their little warrior Zander has got to be one of the bravest little guys I know! He’s so blessed with the best army by his side, and their strength and love is something to admire.



That is exactly what Zander and his family are!
It’s been a rollercoaster, but the love that Paige and Aaron have for each other, and their children, is stronger than anything life throws their way…..


…and because that love is stronger than most, life gave them an extra, super unexpected, unbelievable, blessing…


Despite what they had planned, (and prevented by a tubal ligation) it looks like the Lewis Family has been blessed with two more hands for praying…


Tonka Tough just got TONKA TOUGHER!!!


Newborn Photography Pulaski, NY

We were all so in love with spending the afternoon snuggling sweet baby “L”. She never made a peep her entire photo shoot and was so happy and content. I absolutely love the earthy green tones and the hints of pink and red for this February sweetheart.


Memories in Messes Pulaski, NY Photography

I am a clean freak.

I have to have my spaces and places tidy, organized, and spotless. It’s not achievable these days, but man do I strive for it.

So why on earth do I love handing glitter, fake snow, confetti, paint and baked goods to tiny little mess makers and watching them go crazy?

Because I know what it is like to be a parent.

I know what it is like to feel like you are running around cleaning up, doing dishes, chasing the kids, and not being able to stop for a second without guilt to watch your children be children.

I know what it’s like to think “man I’d love to watch my kiddo laugh and play and make a giant mess, care free…but I am too tired to clean it up after.”

I’m there every day, deep in the mom guilt trenches.

It’s basically tug of war with the heart.

So, I do it because I want you to walk into my studio, and for twenty minutes let you sit and watch your children make a mess, laugh, smile, play, learn, all while being content with knowing that you don’t have to pick up the broom or mop after. ( Although you try…bless your heart…and I tell you to put it down and walk away! haha!)

mason blog.jpg

I want you to look back and appreciate those painted little toes, covered in flour, and remember the tiny little details that are BIG time important.

Because when you are all in these moments together, having fun, you will look back and notice those smiles, the big laughs, the eye contact…it’s all focused right at you, Mom and Dad! …they are sharing their happiness with YOU.

cameron and mason.jpg

and with each other…..
And whether you are ready for it or not, they want you right there with them. Turning the beautiful chaos into beautiful memories.


and you’ll sit down next to them in the middle of it all, and enjoy it!

These sweet little ones will be all grown up before you know it. These big messes that surround you now…they get smaller…so I hear. But right now, I get it. The messes are HUGE. the days are long, the years are short….


all all too soon the adorable matching outfits won’t be so easily persuaded….

Waters Valentine Mini.jpg

So let me handle the mess.

Let them play in it.

Let me clean it.


Your only job is to sit back and enjoy the memories in these messes.

Newborn and Family| Pulaski, NY Photography

It’s been WAY too long since I”ve put a session up on the blog.

This year I am promising myself to do better at sharing over here, starting with these beautiful people.

Little miss “A” was so cooperative, driifting in and out of sleep and staying so content and patient as her big sister enjoyed give her lots of love. This family certainly is blessed beyond measure.


Waiting for the School Bus

Our mornings are a whirl wind. Eating, getting dressed, brushing our teeth,  and packing her book bag.

I get just a few minutes of every day, before the bus pulls up and turns my house incredibly quiet, where I get to take a deep breath and just watch her and listen to her. Just a few minutes, before I think I want to sit down or get work done, but then end up wanting her running around making messes instead..because the quiet is something I really never want to get used to.


In those few minutes we always head outside.

We play "I Spy."  We talk to the chickens.

We catch snowflakes.

These are my favorite few minutes of every day.

Why Book a First Year Plan?

Almost all the newborn sessions I photograph are babies who have booked a "First Year Plan."
I get to see them a few times a year to document their biggest milestones! Usually this is Maternity, Newborn, 6 Months (or whenever they are sitting up) and then finally, their 1 Year Portraits! 

So, why book a 1 year plan?

Well....because this happens....

Somewhere along the way, in 12 short months, our children seem to go from a snuggly, sleepy baby to a walking toddler! 

We have to start grabbing them, squeezing them, and stealing the kisses and hugs that we love so much! 

When you book a First Year Plan, you are making a promise to capture these moments, document the milestones, and tell the story of their first year. The most important year to all of you. The year they are welcomed into the world, the year you watch them grow with excitement and wonder, and the year you realize that this is the first of so many more wonderful years to come!

All seamlessly documented, and beautifully captured.





and also because......cake!!!

*Ignore all the old logos :) 


Pulaski, NY| Beunpopular.com

Erin and I got together to take some photographs to use for her new blog, and to celebrate her, just because.  We embraced the pouring down rain and scattered snow, and had so much fun!! What a fantastic approach to life! Why save feeling good about yourself for special occasions, when we should be embracing our life to our fullest potential by always loving ourselves, no matter what the circumstance. We are allowed to love ourselves, we know this, we want to...but it's one of the hardest things to do. Follow Erin on her amazing and insightful journey where she will inspire and encourage us all to overcome that fear.

"Lets get back in touch with reality and begin the journey of putting ourselves first. Lets get to know and love ourselves because we can’t truly love one another without loving ourselves first." -E

...and maybe it wasn’t even that it looked great on me, maybe it was the confidence that I wore with it. Self love makes everyone look good.
— https://beunpopular.com/
...let’s take on the world & let nothing stop us from reaching our fullest potential. Instead of breathing to live let’s live to breathe.
— https://beunpopular.com/about/

Pulaski, NY River and Beach Maternity Session

This beautiful couple is expecting their precious baby boy at the end of June! We enjoyed a walk along the river in Pulaski, NY and then a visit to Sandy Island Beach for their session.
Lucia is their precious black lab who can't wait to meet her "human" :)
 My favorite photo of the bunch is the beautiful silhouette towards the end of this post. It's a must see!! 

Pulaski, NY 1 Year Session

Sweet little Nora is celebrating her biggest milestone!! I can't believe it's been a year already. I have watched her grow from a tiny little precious peanut to this amazing toddler, with a big grin that will melt anyone's heart! We had so much fun with her cake smash and outdoor family photos!